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About Tekken Mobile

The classic combating series, Tekken, has been in the limelight for almost 2 decades. Ever since its release in 1994, the game has thrilled numerous gaming buffs across the globe. The developer of this game, Namco Entertainment, has just announced that it will be available for both Android as well as iOS users very soon. In fact, one can expect lots of fun while playing Tekken mobile. You will be able to collect in excess of hundred playable characters, and all these will need innovative moves to be unlocked. Below, we will mention some essential features of this game.

Plenty of Characters

As mentioned before, the latest version of the series comes with a big roster of characters to play with. There will be some gigantic beasts like Kuma and Panda. Some mysterious fighters like King II and Gigas will spice up your gaming experience. Moreover, there will also be some traditional fighters, for example, Claudio and Lars. Another guest fighter known as Akuma has introduced into the series for the first time. Kuma will be sporting a brand-new black armor along with glowing red eyes. Moreover, a cape has been added to the costume of King II making him look even more comical.

Improvements in the Gameplay

While playing Tekken, you will be able to enjoy a highly technical gameplay, for example, the replacement of the complicated juggling system with simpler screw assaults. This will make your rivals spin sideways while you hit them airborne allowing you to extend your combinations with more assaults. However, screw attacks cannot be used for punishing your enemies with distressing wall assaults.

Amongst other innovative additions, mention may be made of Power Crushes and Rage Arts. All these have the ability to alter the tide of the battles significantly. Moreover, you will be able to continue combos even after your opponent hits you.

With all these innovative mechanics, the conventional gameplay of the Tekken series has taken it to a new level.

Online and Single-player Modes

You need not worry about game modes while playing Tekken given that there are quite a few of them to keep you engrossed. You will come across a standard Arcade mode where you'll be combating against as many as 5 opponents. There is also the innovative Treasure Battle which will offer you an opportunity to fight an unlimited number of rivals so as to generate cash as well as cosmetic unlocks. This particular mode is a really enjoyable given that you'll be provided with lots of cosmetic items for each character some of which are really funny as well as creative. For example, the Santa deserves special mention.

When it comes to online play, the game can boast of ranked matches, online tournaments, as well as casual matches. You'd be able to create lobbies for playing with your buddies, and also train yourself during matchmaking. In a nutshell, the online experience is really mind-boggling and you'll have plenty to win in terms of treasure chests and in-game currency.


There is no doubt about the fact that Tekken for the Android and iOS users is simply impressive, and the gameplay enhancements have made this series immensely popular across the globe. Both the newcomers as well as veterans will be guaranteed of having a great time while playing this game. In fact, anybody who is interested in fighting games should not miss this one.