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Star Wars Rivals Hack

About Star Wars Rivals

This week, Disney launched the much awaited Star Wars Rivals mobile game.
Banking on the cult fan base of the Star Wars franchise, the company has made the most of the adulation. In a first, the theme based game is currently available in Australia and New Zealand. Beta users of the app can download it either from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The gameplay of Star Wars mobile game involves rival troops, the Empire and the Rebellion. There is an unprecedented battle between the two forces to win over the other. Players can choose to don the uniform of either of the military groups.

A series of operations must be undertaken by the player to achieve the set goal. The Player versus Player (PvP) challenges include Cloud City Under Siege and Escape the Subjugator. In Star Wars Rivals mobile gamr, there is total of 27 iconic memorabilia to collect.

The Hero avatars can be purchased using premium currency called Crystals. These Crystals can be obtained by trading with real money to unlock loot crates. Each crate consists of particular Duct Tapes which are required to access the Hero.

The free to play Star Wars Rivals mobile game stars Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Darth Wader and Poe Dameron among many others. By including the stalwarts of the movie series, Disney has played the right cards. This move is aimed at tapping the potential of the existing fandom Star Wars enjoys.

Every Hero is equipped with characteristic powers that are unique to him. Therefore, a a particular avatar can be brought into action only after considering his skills. There are player specific weapons to combat the strike of the opponents.

Apart from the standard campaigns, the Star Wars mobile game can be played in the multiplayer mode. In the online version, players from across the globe can compete against each other as Heroes and Villains. Wars in the action shooter game can be waged on different planets like Death Star, Jakku and Bespin.

Star Wars Rivals mobile game is simple to play in terms to the mechanics involved. A player has to shoot at the rival group to destroy their entourage. At the same time, one has to press the duck button to defend oneself. A gamer must cover his head in order to protect himself from the volley of bullets from the enemy camp.

The Star Wars mobile game progresses when all the men from the opposite troop fall down. As the competing members decline, one is on the verge of victory. By conquering each demarcated area, a player earns XPs, which help in upgrading the Heroes.

Star Wars Rivals Cheats

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