Choosing The Right Skins And Cases For Your Tech Gadgets

Technology is one of the most important aspects of most of today’s population, that being said it is important that users understand how to protect and style their gadgets. There are a few different types of cases or skins that you can choose for your tech gadgets and each has distinct benefits and drawbacks that it is important to consider before purchasing. There are three distinct factors that you need to consider when purchasing a case or skin. Though looks are important when you purchase a case, protecting your device is more important and following these tech tips can help you get a case that is right for you.

The first factor is with what sort of environmental factors your gadget be coming into contact. For those people that are very careful with keeping their gadgets away from water and other potentially damaging elements, a heavy duty case may not be necessary. Larger cases that are shatter proof, water proof or resistant, and that help block out dust are generally best for those that take their gadgets with them everywhere. For those that keep their gadgets by their side no matter what, it may be beneficial to get a case that is much heavier and sturdier to protect that gadget. While these cases are not as attractive as some, they are best when it comes to protecting your gadgets. Something like Otterbox or Trident would be an incredibly smart purchase if you are looking for maximum protection for your gadget.

Another factor you need to consider is how you want your gadget to look. Many cases and skins are purely superficial and are good only for making your gadget look the way you want it to. That being said however there are some that do protect the screens and body of your gadget. Thin hard cases are good to protect your gadgets from short falls, from minor scratches and nicks, and from other minor damage. These cases are best if you simply want to personalize your gadgets. These cases are also generally less expensive than cases that are meant to protect your gadgets from extreme damage.

The last thing you need to consider is how much money you want to spend on a case and what type of damage the insurance on your gadget covers. Generally there is a warranty on technological gadgets that covers minimal everyday damage like scratches and being dropped. If you have a more extensive insurance policy however it may not be necessary to buy a case that helps protect from a large amount of damage. Generally the better protection a case provides the more expensive it will be. For instance those cases that are waterproof and resistant are generally $50 USD or more, those that help protect from scratches and dings are generally under $50 USD and those that are only for aesthetics can be as cheap as $25 USD. It is important that you take the time to consider what level of protection your gadget needs prior to buying a case in order to get a product that is going to fit your needs.

Consumers And Businesses Alike Bet On A Future Led By E-commerce And Mobile Platforms

The marriage between e-commerce and mobile platform technology seems to be well underway. According to a study carried out by investment banking firm, a major acquisition spree in the e-commerce and digital media sphere has started. Between January and June 2012, $13.5 billion worth of social media and mobile app deals exchanged hands. In total, more than 515 mergers took place. These statistics show businesses want to tap into the growing consumer appetite for mobile and e-commerce platforms. While this shift is not an entirely new phenomenon, the following factors have contributed to this change.

English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case
English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Improved Tablet conversions

Many online retailers have stuck to PC shoppers due to the high rate of conversion. While this was true in the past, the tables have turned in favor of tablet shoppers. Data published by order management provider Shopatron shows that orders originating from iPads account for 6 percent of all sales. In addition, click-through conversions for iPads stood at 51 percent more than on PCs. To make the icing on the cake even sweeter, the cost is 7% less than PC advertising. Retailers have made note of these statistics and taken the necessary steps to get a piece of the pie.

The Rise of Online Shoppers

According to a survey carried out by Deloitte LLP, 20% of participants plan to shop online this year. As a result, US e-commerce sales will top $327 billion by the year 2016. This represents a growth of 62% since 2011. In comparison, traditional mortar and brick retailers are losing consumers every day. Supermarkets, thrift shops, and warehouses continue to report lower figures. The Deloitte survey shows numbers at these shopping alternatives stand at 11 percent, 11 percent and 19 percent respectively. Goldman Sachs reports that global e-commerce sales will grow by 19 percent every year.

The Rising Efficiency of Paid Search

There was a time when reputable businesses would not dream of using paid search to increase sales. Not only was such a practice frowned upon, good old SEO dominated the landscape. However, recent events show this is no longer the case. The paid search index published by PM Digital shows paid ads account for a 32 percent increase in second quarter sales this year. In return, advertisers have increased advertising budgets by 14 percent year-over-year. These statistics show the click through rates attributed to paid search ads have gone up. If you are missing this party, it is time to get in on the act.

Business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs cannot ignore the efficiencies brought on by adopting technology. Today’s consumer is well informed and can choose from a wide range products and services. To gain brand recognition and visibility, businesses must reach out to consumers adept at using more than one gadget. If your brand does not have an application for mobile devices, your development team should be hard at work. There is no doubt shoppers will continue to adopt shopping channels and platforms that are easy to access.

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The Importance Of Knowledge Sharing Software In Your Organization

Information is a valuable product today. Organizations like yours depend on the appropriate amount of knowledge sharing to get anything done. Information must be distributed quickly and efficiently in order to stay in competition with other organizations or to meet the demands of the people who count on you.

How Does Knowledge Sharing Software Work?

Discoveries are not just scientific events. In any large scale operation, such as a corporation or a government agency, people are constantly discovering new information as they interact with their clients or with other organizations. Often, this information should rightfully affect your goals and methods. However, anyone who has worked in such efforts knows that necessary information often gets pigeonholed and goes undiscovered until it is no longer of any value.

The purpose of knowledge sharing software is to let you take advantage of modern technology and the Internet in order to spread information immediately throughout your organization. Working closely with interpersonal culture of your organization, the right software can help you to support and encourage the rapid distribution of data among your team members.

Benefits of the Software

• Improved Performance

It is common knowledge that organizations which share knowledge will perform better than others. Old-fashioned, hierarchical structures that were previously used to trickle down information to team members took far too long to operate. Furthermore, participants had different ideas about what knowledge should be shared and this often resulted in the retention of information that should have been shared. The ultimate outcome was often underperformance because someone had refused to share important data. By sustaining a culture of trust and encouraging organizational incentives with this software, you can enhance your chances of success.

• Increase Sales

Improved performance turns into more profits. This can happen in a variety of ways. For example, consider how your team possesses a tribal body of knowledge. Each member knows certain tricks of the trade. Every team knows how to close a deal in a different way. The performance of the whole organization will obviously be improved if everyone knew all the options and strategies available.

However, even well-meaning members of your organization will not be able to share information efficiently without assistance. Quality software can let them press a button and inform everyone about their latest discovery.

• Reduce Expenses

Your newly-equipped team will be more efficient in many regards with this software. Higher efficiency naturally leads to reduced costs. Furthermore, the peer-distribution of data will also increase employee confidence and job satisfaction. This is clearly important, since studies show that employees save money for their company or other organization when they are in control of the costs directly or indirectly.

These improvements naturally lead to more profits. This result just provides more positive feedback for the members of your organization. A positive feedback loop is created and you will find that your team work just becomes more and more effective. Using this technology is a critical component in any business or agency that needs to stay one step ahead of the competition today.

Knowledge Management Software – A Cure For Your Problems

You have almost certainly experienced the symptoms in your company. A decision is made on the basis of incomplete facts, which only come to light later. Staff members spend ages researching a topic without realizing that someone in another department already has the expertise. Time is money and a lot of it is wasted. You soon start to wonder if there is any cure for these symptoms, in the form of knowledge management software.

This cure does exist, because the disease that causes these symptoms is lack of knowledge sharing. Probably every single member of your organization has some valuable knowledge, but you have very little idea what is out there. This combined store of knowledge, or intellectual capital, could be of incalculable value to the company, yet you have limited means of tapping into it, and when staff members have a question, it is not easy for them to find the answer, even if it’s there. And then employees leave or go sick, and take their knowledge with them.

If you could find the cure, in the form of a really effective means of knowledge sharing, the result could be a dramatic improvement in your organizational performance, across every aspect of your business. For a start, it will obviously lead to reduced costs and greater efficiency, because of time saved by speedy access to information. It will also result in much greater efficiency in decision making and problem solving, because all the required knowledge will be available.

Apart from this, it can make a crucial difference to relationships, both internal, with employees, and external — for example with customers. Few things annoy customers more than finding they are talking to a different person who knows nothing about their previous call. With proper knowledge sharing, not only will their information be instantly to hand, but their problems can be solved much more promptly. Employee needs are often overlooked, but if they know their issues are taken on board, they feel empowered, and the result can be a big jump in productivity.

Of course, it may be that you have been aware of this malaise for some time, and tried some remedies for knowledge sharing, but found none of them really effective. For instance, you may have tried a content management system, but found it was insufficiently user friendly to enable full staff participation. What you need is a system to which every member of staff has easy access, and to which everyone can contribute at any time, as well as using it to find their answers.

The ideal cure for your problem is a comprehensive piece of knowledge management software, which puts together the features of all the different solutions which you may have tried. Such a tool must be sufficiently powerful to pull all your knowledge requirements together, and put the entire intellectual capital of the whole organization at the disposal of everyone. This can be enough to revolutionize your productivity, your profitability and your competitive edge.

If your business is like most at the present time, you will be under a lot of pressure, trying to stay competitive in the face of rising costs and an uncertain economy. A knowledge management software solution as powerful as this could soon cut your costs and turn your business round. This could be the medicine that the doctor ordered.