Military Gear For Varied Uses

There are many reasons for purchasing military gear, not all of them due to being in the service. Military gear can be great for hunters or for those who like to go camping or just practice survival skills. There are many places online and offline where you can purchase this gear.

English: U.S. Military official issue gear str...
English: U.S. Military official issue gear strap from early 1990s used for compressing and securing equipment, such as attaching a to a ruck sack. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What to do With the Gear

The gear you are looking to buy will depend on what you plan to do with it, the weather conditions in which you live, and your budget. If you are into camping, military grade supplies can last a lifetime of camping and are often a better choice than regular camping supplies as it is better quality material. If you hunt, there is a wide assortment of camouflage clothing and accessories available in this kind of gear. For the survivalists, almost anything that you would need to survive out in the wild is available from a military gear retailer.

Where to buy Gear

Gun shows, online through sellers specializing in this type of gear, Army and Navy stores are all good sources for purchasing the kind of gear you are looking to buy. Just be sure that the items you are purchasing are legal in your state before you make the purchase. There are many discount stores online that sell this gear and you can sometimes get good deals like free shipping and handling on orders. Be sure to shop around to find the best bargains.

For the Military

If you are in the military you may need or want to buy extra gear. Whatever your mission, it is best to be prepared for it, and purchasing extra military gear can ensure that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. If there are items that you know you wear out sooner than others, consider buying additional pieces so that you always have spares on hand.

Whatever the reason you are looking to purchase military gear, you can find a lot of different items in a lot of different places at varying prices. Just shop around and find the best deal and make your purchase.

Camelbak For Your Outdoor Adventures

If you are looking to purchase a Camelbak but don’t know to find one, maybe this will help you.

Hydration pack manufactured by CamelBak
Hydration pack manufactured by CamelBak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon has one that is a 100 ounce hydration pack. This product features great ventilation and easy access to the reservoir compartment. It has a shoulder harness, slider sternum strap, and fixed waist belt with cargo pockets. This product can carry multiple tools. It carries the pump, spare tube, lunch, MP3, phone, wallet, etc. The rain cover on it and organizational elements to it will keep your gear protected and easy to get to. has a 100 ounce Camelbak in the color of chili pepper and charcoal. This bag can be used for a full day of adventures outdoors. It has a quick snap cap that tightens in a quarter turn, air light fillport to give you a lighter feel when you carry it, and a dynamic suspension harness. has a 50 ounce HydroBak. It is a great hydration system for exploring outside. It has an Antidote Reservoir, low profile fit, external fill, and air light fillports that cuts weight. It features a lightweight mesh harness, diamond mesh back panel, and can hold a capacity of three pounds and two ounces.

Sears has a Camelbak Thermobak 3L Omega one that holds 100 ounces of water. Its design will keep you comfortable for hours at a time. It features low infrared reflective buckles, webbing, external fill OMEGA Reservoir, and a zippered front access panel. They also have a Classic 70 ounce Hydration Pack in the colors of racing red and charcoal. This pack of water will last you for two hours or more. It features the new Antidote Reservoir with Quick Link System, diamond mesh back panel, lightweight mesh harness, and an external fill bungee that will secure an extra layer.

Cabela’s has a Camelbak Skeet Kids’ Hydration Pack. It features a 50 ounce Antidote Reservoir, 210 denier nylon with a durable water repellant finish, and a lightweight mesh harness.

So if you are interested in any of the these products, you can find them at one of the above mentioned places.

The Importance Of Military Boots

The most vital part of a soldier’s uniform is his military boots. Designed to provide comfort to those in the military, these boots are made of a leather of extremely high quality, ensuring that they are as durable as they are comfortable and providing much needed foot support. Any footwear that is used by those in the military will need to meet specific requirements which will depend upon where they are going to be worn; jungle or desert, for example.

Military Boots of the German Bundeswehr.
Military Boots of the German Bundeswehr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The military boot was designed originally for marching, and as such they had to be strong enough and comfortable enough for many miles to be covered every day. Making sure that the arch of the foot was supported adequately and that there is enough padding to prevent the boot from rubbing, the boot should also be lined with a material which allows the foot to breathe. If a soldier was in pain from his feet, he could not concentrate on the immediate task at hand, and as such his life, and the lives of his fellow soldiers, could very easily be put at risk. This makes a well made, correctly fitting boot essential, and its importance should not be underestimated.

Military boots are used worldwide, and because of this there are different styles and designs so that every climate is catered for. Cold weather will see the boot having extra insulation to keep the feet as warm as possible and better traction to cover icy conditions underfoot. Warmer climates will see it having extra ventilation and better cooling properties so that the foot does not sweat too much. Regardless of where the boot is to be worn, it needs to be able to cover every conceivable kind of terrain with as much ease as possible, making the job of the soldier as comfortable as it possibly can be under the circumstances.

Learn More About ACU And What It Stands For

The initials ACU can refer to a number of things. The most common is the Army Combat Uniform. This is the typical shirt and pants issued to soldiers for wearing during combat and during most training activities. The new uniform replaces the previous BDU or battle dress uniform.

English: Two soldiers with the Army Combat Uni...
English: Two soldiers with the Army Combat Uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ACU has many style changes from the old BDU style. It is easier to care for. The fabric is a polyester and cotton blend. It is also lighter in color. The combined tan, gray, and green camouflage pattern is less discernible from a distance than the previous darker brown and green of the BDU.

Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan also wear a version of the ACU that is designed to be more fire retardant. It can prevent third degree burns and many second degree burns. The fabric is treated with a compound like permetrhin to help reduce the likelihood of contracting illnesses that mosquitoes carry.

The new uniform is designed with many additional benefits to the soldier. The new uniforms also use infrared management technology to reduce the silhouette from infrared devices. There are patches on the shoulders of the jacket that are sewn in to identify
soldiers. The uniforms sold to the general public in army surplus stores and in other places do not have the sensitive IR patches sewn in.

Many of the insignias and emblems worn by soldiers are attached by hook and loop rather than being sewn on. Some special recognitions are pinned on. The new t-shirt worn under the jacket is sand colored and is made with moisture wicking fabric to help keep soldiers cooler.

The cargo style pants are designed with several pockets and include a space for inserting knee pads. They are usually tucked into the standard Army combat boots. The new ACU is designed for safety, comfort, and protection of soldiers in the field.

The Benefits Of Using Camelbak

With more and more people getting into the health and fitness bandwagon nowadays, different manufacturers have come up with innovative products to fill the need all kinds of gear and equipment. Those who are into outdoor sports have taken a liking to Camelbak, the pioneer in and world leader in hands-free hydration.

The basic premise of Camelbak products is that you do not have to use your hands when you need to hydrate yourself while you are engaged in sports activities. The first of their products became very popular with mountain bikers and motocross riders. They found it very useful because with the Camelbak they did not have to remove their hands from the handlebars of their bikes just to get something to drink. The use of the hands-free hydration system proved to be very successful so Camelbak eventually ventured into making products for other sports as well.

Scientific studies have shown that most athletes perform better if they use the Camelbak. There are less chances of them getting dehydrated and they also get to concentrate on their activity rather than having to worry about getting the fluids that they in their system. The brilliant people at Camelbak also made sure that the pack is comfortable to use. Their products are extremely lightweight and breathable. The back panels are engineered in such a way that that it provides the best fit, multi-directional ventilation, and a very stable center of gravity with easy access to fluids.

Other than being comfortable to use, some of the best features of Camelbak is that it is leak-proof, taste-free, and is made with their exclusive anti-microbial Omega Hydrotanium Reservoir. It is also easy to clean and store. Since Camelback came into being it has benefited a lot of people from all walks of life from athletes to outdoorsmen and even to soldiers. With the company’s thrust to continue innovating and creating, Camelbak is sure to come up with more products that will make hydration easy and hassle-free.

Have An Adventure With Under Armour

Life is more comfortable in Under Armour apparel. Whether you are snowboarding above tree line, hunting in Saskatchewan or pulling weeds out of your vegetable garden, Under Armour helps maintain a comfortable body temperature so you can enjoy the life you live.

English: under armour hat
English: under armour hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Under Armour Cold Gear lineup includes beanies, hoods, socks, base layers, jackets and gloves. You lose more body heat from the top of your head than any other part of the body, so cover it up with a cozy beanie or a full hood that will offer facial and neck protection. The base layer is also an important part of staying warm in cold environments. There are three levels of protection, but all levels fit like an extension of your skin. The base layers are designed with Poly Armour, which is a fabric that stretches four ways; this allows you to move freely. The base layers come in long sleeve tops and separate leggings.

Base 1.0 gives you the best mobility and is perfect higher temperatures. The fabric preserves your body’s core temperature, wicks moisture away and dries quickly. When the temperature has dropped, Base 2.0 helps trap your body heat and is also fast drying for when the action starts. Base 3.0 is the thickest of the base layers so your mobility is lessened, but it offers the maximum cold protection.

Under Armour Heat Gear will keep you cool when the temperature heats up. A lightweight short or long sleeve base layer top will pull moisture away from your body. The shirts are offered as loose fitting or tight, but both contain Armourblock, which is a fiber woven into the shirt to neutralize the microbes that cause odor and bacteria. Another big plus is the 30 SPF.

It is always critical to stay hydrated during any outdoor activity. A CamelBak allows you to carry your beverages in a convenient and easy to carry backpack. With CamelBak and Under Armour, you are ready for the next adventure.